Roof Consulting of ALL Types

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Max Consulting Services has extensive experience in both flat roofing and pitched roofing systems on all types of buildings. As a result, their broad range of roof consulting services includes but is not limited to:


Hail and Wind Damage – It is not uncommon for an insurance carrier and a contractor to disagree on whether or not hail and wind damage exists on a particular roofing system. Because of Dan’s broad s experience in dealing with hail and wind damage on nearly all roofing systems and the fact that his excellent understanding of HAAG Engineering’s teachings and methodologies, Max Consulting Services can provide an unbiased, third party opinion based on the conditions on the roof and the standards set forth by the industry.

In addition to the inspection, Max Consulting Services is extremely proficient in Xactimate sketch and Xactimate estimating and can provide a thorough estimate for cost to repair or replace the damages observed on the structure.

Construction Defect – One of the most common defects found in construction defect cases is faulty workmanship or material on roofing systems. MCS is well versed in the codes, standards and recommendations for the roofing industry. For detailed destructive or non-destructive observation and documentation of a particular roofing system(s), MCS should be your first call.

Real Estate Transactions – Almost every report written by a home inspector during the 10 day inspection period, it states something along the lines to “Consult with a licensed roofing contractor…”. Whlie great roofing contractor’s exist, they are in the business to sell roofs and they may have a biased opinion regarding the condition of a particular roof dependent on the side they’re on in the closing of the property.
Max Consulting Services can be retained to provide an unbiased opinion on the condition of the roof, its life expectancy and approximate repair or replacement costs for the home.

New Construction Roofing and Re-Roofing – As a third party, we offer roof documentation, take-offs, scope writing, roof estimating and project inspections before, during and after the roofing system is completed.
We also provide services to building owners as their authorized representative to issue scopes to contractors, retrieve all estimates, analyze to ensure accurate, competitive bids and make representations based off the information received.

Beyond that, full project management, quality assurance, and warranty management is available.

Moisture Intrusion Investigation (Roof Leak Identification)

Moisture Metering and Mapping – When a roof leaks, a snowball effect commonly occurs as other structural and non-structural materials are damaged. As a result, moisture metering and mapping is crucial in identifying the damages.

Loss Analysis – Once the moisture mapping and metering has been completed, a full loss analysis can be completed to see what repairs are needed as a result. This oftentimes includes photographs, notes, and various documents relevant to the property restoration field.

Report Writing – Once all of the readings and documentation has been completed, reports may have to be written with specific information relevant to the roof leak, subsequent damage and the costs associated with repairs. Dependent on the severity of the damage, the reporting necessary could be extensive.

Asset Management

If you are a real estate investors, municipality, large corporations, hotel chain, or any other entity that owns one or more properties that have a roof on them, it’s important to know the condition of that roof, its life expectancy, maintenance cost and replacement cost when that time comes.
All too often owners are blind-sided by the need to replace a roof on their building(s). They are even more surprised at the high cost a roof replacement will set them back! Roof management should be a proactive measure rather than a reactive measure because the snowball effect could be huge.

Roofs leak when it rains. Water damage from a roof leak can easily lead to a cave in, mold, fires and even worse. Max Consulting Services has an extremely detailed roof management system that should be the cornerstone of any owner’s property management records and are especially important when it comes to buy or sell the asset.

Roof Cleaning

In order to property inspect and report on a particular roof, it must be clean! Debris build up on a roof almost always results in roof damage or roof leaks. It’s important to keep your roof clean and free of any debris that build-up. Cleaning can be completed monthly, bi-annually or annually depending on your needs and requests.