Construction Defect Inspections and Expert Witness Testimony

Construction defect lawsuits occur in all types of construction.  In the early 2000’s Arizona went through a construction boom that saw a large amount of work completed in a very short amount of time. As a result, the residential, commercial and multi-family markets were starving for qualified workers to build structures as fast as they could. In doing so, defective engineering, design, material and workmanship occurred throughout the state and in nearly all types of buildings.

Fast forward several years and construction defect lawsuits are happening on a constant basis both locally and nationally. Max Consulting Services routinely performs a wide range of services to those professionals in the construction defect field. Some of these services include, but are not limited to: Construction Defect Field inspections, Roof Inspections, Cost analysis, Defect list generation, Report review , Code and Standards review, Report generation, Expert witness testimony and others.

Dan Grifford III spent over a decade in the roofing and restoration fields and is responsible for thousands of projects throughout the state of Arizona. He currently holds various certifications through the IICRC, EPA, OSHA and the roofing industry. Additionally, he has extensive experience in roofing and property loss within the residential, commercial and multi-family industries. Contact our office for more information on how Max Consulting Services can help with your construction defect project.



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